Our Mission

We teach natural therapies to avoid drug usage and “crutches”. We help you learn to let go of negative emotions and teach you new ways to deal with stress and obstacles in life. Our instructors are dedicated to providing quality spiritual growth and personal transformation through yoga, meditation practice and other wellness techniques.

Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more.

Commit as many mistakes as possible, remembering only one thing: don’t commit same mistake again. And you will be growing.

You cannot change anyone else in the world, you can only change yourself. That is the only revolution possible. The only transformation possible is one’s own.

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our mission

to Share the power of meditation

All of us we are born with a certain type of rareness and as we get older, life happens and we start to become competitive for money. Everyone is living paycheck to paycheck and 60 or 70 years go by and then we start to wonder ‘why was I even born?’ Most people think about food, clothing, shelter and sex, and don’t think about anything beyond these. Often this is because they don’t have money or time to even think deeper.

With this way of living there is no freedom. When you start thinking about what’s more important like your meaning of life, your basic needs and desires become met and then you start to think about what’s next. Our goal is to reach at least 5 million people and make them aware.

You don’t have to do one particular type of meditation, and it’s not a one size fits all. We believe in offering a ‘guide’ and allowing you to discover what works for you. We want to create awareness that there’s more to life than eating, working, showering and going back to bed. My job is to wake you up, once you wake up you will want to improve and follow the right path. 

teach 5 million people

Our goal is to reach at least 5 million people and make them aware of the benefits of meditation, yoga and mindfulness. We believe that there is more to life and we are committed to spreading this awareness as far and wide as possible.

be 1 % better everyday

We all have room for improvement. No matter how successful we are, there is always room to become 1% better.  The only limit is your own self-belief.  If you become 1% better every day, in just 70 days you will be twice as good as you were when you started.

live your best life

Studies have shown that people who don’t have a sense of purpose in their lives are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. By making a conscious effort to appreciate the things that you have, you can begin to change your perspective and find joy in the everyday moments.